The Discus: King of the Aquarium

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Redfish Aquarium Magazine: The Discus: King of the Aquarium

Discus: the Kings of the Aquarium, these brightly coloured fish are admired by all, but they aren’t straightforward to maintain in aquariums. In this Discus article, we show you how to keep these beautiful fish, including information on:

  • The origins of Discus in the Amazon rainforest. We explore their biology and ecology.
  • The care of captive-bred Discus from Southeast Asia.
  • Aquarium setup, heating, filtration and water change regimes essential for Discus.
  • Stocking, we explore how many Discus should be kept per aquarium.
  • Which water chemistry test kits are essential for Discus keepers, and what kind of water is suitable for Discus.
  • Guide to buying Discus, what to look for in new stock and how to quarantine your fish effectively.

Keeping Discus is a rewarding and exciting hobby. Discus in an aquascaped aquarium rival even the finest of reef tanks for impact. They are truly majestic creatures, a world apart from other freshwater fishes.

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