What is trending in today’s (2021) kitchen lighting?


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The kitchen is an important place in any home. This is the place where your everyday meals are made; but, more than just being the place where you prepare your meals, a beautiful kitchen can give your home a great ambiance.

Some more traditional (and dated) kitchens still use just a single light source, usually placed in the centre of the ceiling. This can make cooking difficult, as it doesn’t provide sufficient lighting while you’re cooking. There are many lighting options available in the market right now, and the right lighting adds sophistication and design. Today’s modern kitchen lighting is unique and minimalistic. In addition, current trends offer not only form but also practicality. Good planning for your kitchen lighting involves understanding the various types and design, and choosing them with your kitchen’s design and size in mind.

In this short article, we’ll guide you in how to choose the best modern lighting for your kitchen.

Bigger lights for bigger areas

Mercator Canterbury 4Lt Bar Pendant

Big lights are in, but they must complement a bigger kitchen area. These really have a wow factor and will be noticed, every time someone enters your kitchen. These lights play a centrepiece role in your kitchen and you should think carefully about not over-decorating if you are going to use a large light to highlight to your cooking space. Pendant lighting fixtures that are large work best over kitchen islands and dining tables.

Modern Trending Light bulbs

Gone are the days when incandescent light bulbs were the norm. LED technology is now the most common lighting choice, not only for kitchens but also for all parts of our homes. The applications for these LED bulbs are limitless, and they are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs; thus, saving you money on your electricity bill. These bulbs emit a powerful glow, while remaining very energy efficient. You can also expect LED bulbs to last a long time.

Under Cabinet Lighting

A perennially popular lighting trend is under-cabinet lighting. This is mostly available, these days, in energy-efficient and slim designs. These lights are perfect if you want a brighter counter-top area. Keep in mind that, if you have LCD screens in your kitchen, consider where you place your under cabinet lights as they can wash out the screen.

The Perfect Fixture for Your Kitchen

Kitchen lighting can be both functional and decorative. Know what kind of fixture you would like. Functional fixtures often have well-diffused lighting. You can also try recessed down lights to an even illumination over your cooking and preparations surfaces. These are especially great for the sink and stove areas. They also shed enough light so you can clean efficiently.

If you want to stay a little closer to tradition, you might choose a decorative pendant lights rather then a plain one for your kitchen. Choose one with the option of a dimmer control. Then you can choose your preferred level of brightness in the kitchen. These are trending right now and add a modern touch. Slender and cylindrical pendant lights look great in any kitchen. Pendant lights with coloured glass are also great and can give your kitchen a special accent.

Circular Lighting Shapes

Chandeliers with brightly lit circular pendant lights are gaining popularity; yes, even in the kitchen! Kitchens are actually getting bigger and that is why people are thinking bigger as well. These eye-catching designs can really give your kitchen a contemporary look. Other examples of chandelier designs that work in a kitchen are beads, crystals, wood and large pendants that are centred. Just keep in mind not to hang them too near the cooking areas, or you will be cleaning them more often than you might like.

Glass Globe Pendant Style

Kitchen Glass Globe Pendant Style

These offer a timeless and elegant design and work well with various other kitchen decorations and designs. One example is iconic Hicks pendants – they’re classics even by today’s constantly changing standards. Look for a fixture that has a metal finish for a more sophisticated look. You can also find various options in glass to suit various kitchen styles and ideas. Be careful though, the same advice stands for cleaning!

Sconce Lighting and Flush Mounted Lights

Light sconces and flush mounts have been a trend in kitchen lighting for some time. These can be used above sinks, instead of recessed lighting and may replace recessed lighting for a more strategic direction of illumination. They add a more sophisticated and elegant feel in your kitchen. The good things it that these lights do not need to match your island lighting, although it’s best to look for a similar finish for a cohesive feel in your kitchen. Keep in mind that a light with a metal shade would require a high wattage bulb to provide adequate lighting.

A Modern Retro Look

modern retro pendant lighting

Retro looks are also turning up in kitchen trends. Retro-styled island lights complement traditionally designed kitchens. These are great with painted and wooden finished cabinets. Think about adding metal or glass shades to match your retro-styled designs.

Mid-Century Styled Lighting

These are some favourite designs in modern lighting. When we speak about mid-century style lighting, think about something such as Sputnik chandeliers. These come in the shape of a satellite with multiple arms that contain the bulbs. These are unique designs that recall Art Deco with its sharp lines and geometric designs. Mid-century styles add an artful flair to your kitchen.

Clean and Simple Lines

Clean and simple lines never go out of décor fashion. The new decade is saying goodbye to excessively over-designed fixtures and furniture. Simple designs are also practical as most are compatible with today’s other trending designs, and they blend well with a clean-lined room. Low profile fixtures are available in the market right now. These often come with simple geometric designs, clean colours and a focus on form rather than extravagance. Because these are simple designs, you can place them anywhere in your kitchen.

Incorporating new advanced technology

A top trend in today’s lighting is smart lights. You can buy LED bulbs that can be controlled via Wi-Fi. These smart light bulbs often come with RGB colours. That means you can choose any colour you desire, to shine in your kitchen.

You can customize smart lights. Set timers for the lights so that you can turn it off or on at a specific time, or control them externally, even when you are not at home. Some smart lights can be integrated with digital assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. A GPS option is also available for Smart interior lighting. These can offer you automatic lighting inside the kitchen as you enter your house.

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