Is it possible to go to parties and indulge in the snacks and goodies and still maintain a healthy diet? This definitely will take self-control and I must confess that even though I try to live a healthy lifestyle, I still fight all the same urges to snack that everyone else does. My self-control when it comes to eating snack foods is not so great. That’s one of the reasons that my husband and I don’t keep snack foods in the house. If we did, I’d probably be snacking all the time. It’s a choice to live a healthy lifestyle-a choice, but not always an easy one.

One of the tricks of the trade that I use throughout the year when it comes to limiting my snacking is to put a limit on my snack intake. For example, when I want to snack on pretzel sticks, I take out a certain amount and eat those. If I am in the mood for chips, I put some in a bowl and only eat that amount. If I keep the bag of chips or pretzels near me and simply eat from the bag, it will be very difficult to stop eating.

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